Growth Farming For Success Workshop

Take Your Organization To New Levels of Success

growth farming success workshop d grant smith small business nonprofit organizational cultureBook D Grant Smith with your Leadership and Staff teams for a day where you will discover methods, principles, and action-steps to cultivate a powerful, thriving and strong organizational culture.

Gain practical steps and applications for the 3 Essential Growth Farming Principles

  1. Personal Gardening & Personal Responsibility

  2. Empathy Is Essential To Strong Leadership

  3. Value Is The Highest Goal & Objective

What Will The Workshop Provide

The live workshop provides the full Growth Farming method for success or businesses, nonprofits, and organizations large and small. It dives deep into the practical How-To breakdown for your specific organization.

Leadership & Staff teams will

  • Gain new tools to develop your organizational growth
  • Learn how to implement mentoring among your staff
  • Improve communications, team work, productivity, connection and excellence
  • Be empowered with 3 specific actions that will make champions out of your personnel and staff from the top of your organization to the interns and volunteers you have

You’ll be a powerful Growth Farmer when it’s all said and done.

How A Strong Organizational Culture Cultivates Growth

Building a strong, vibrant, and dependable team of staff is something every successful business strives for. Yet, it’s not as common or as simple as it may seem.

Why is it so hard to hire and keep good people? Is that a struggle for your business? Do you know how much it costs to hire a good worker? Employee retention is a major cost and obstacle that leadership and business owners face.

Imagine the thousands of dollars that it costs to your organization all involving the people on your teams. Would you like to not only keep great people on staff, but save LOTS of money on growing your business?

A thriving organizational culture not only retains great people, it attracts them. It also provides the environment where people produce their best work. Organic, word-of-mouth marketing is a bi-product of a great product and service. A strong organizational culture amplifies this method of marketing.

How Leadership Teams Win With The Growth Farming Success Workshop

Hiring and Retention: Attract and keep the right PEOPLE

  • Magnetically attract the best people and get outstanding results from their work
  • Gain growth through accountability and mentoring within your organization

Create An Empowering Work Atmosphere

  • Craft, practice and model your core values
  • Utilize the super-powers of your personnel

Grow Through Powerful Execution

  • Create a culture of trust
  • Remove in-fighting and drama for support and prosperity

Boost Success By Changing Your Organization’s Story

  • Internal success creates for powerful word-of-mouth marketing
  • Improve your relationships with clients and prospects for more business and referrals

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