Learn Growth Farming

How You Can Learn Growth Farming

Just like the art (and science) of farming, where the actions of creating fruits and crops involves more than simply planting seed and hoping it works, our relationships and success work much the same.

Everything is a process. With relationship success (individual, personal, ad professional) it involves a few careful and specific steps.

Growth Farming is about cultivating relationships with people to reach new goals, to achieve personal and professional success, to love and support other people, and ultimately to make the worlds we live in better.

Each of us has our own methods and ways of communication. We also engage with other people in our own unique ways.

This is why there isn’t just one and only one way to Growth Farm. If you’re naturally inclined to build communities, engage with people, start conversations, and create connections, you’ll get see new ideas to add to your repertoire in this Learning section.

If you’re new (or relatively new) to the art of networking and relationship building, we have some great Intro materials for you to get started. Here you’ll find a combination of How-To guides along with Practicum materials to action these steps for maximum growth results.

Your results will vary depending on your industry, your team, and the communities you’re building. Please share your experiences with us in using these Learnings. Comment here and send us an email to share your journey. Your Growth Farming tips are also welcome.

If you’d like to work directly with D Grant or a member of our team, contact us to have a conversation. We look forward to connecting with you to help you grow.

Guides And Ebooks

Learn From A True Growth Farming Master-Seth Godin

seth godin growth farming start with zero marketing successTruthfully, Seth is not only a practioner of this method of success by way of impacting people, a conversation he had with D Grant in 2016 helped pave the way for the term “growth farming” itself. During their chat (listen here) Seth describes how relationship building is the ultimate gateway to the success all of us are striving for. Too often, however, we think that what someone else has is what we need to be successful. This act of looking at things from “the grass is greener over there” is what hinders our actual progress.

Learning from Seth Godin’s perspective of growth & success starts with us choosing a different path that what the mainstream or main culture advocates. The best-selling author of Tribes, Permission Marketing, and What To Do When It’s Your Turn is a ground-breaking teacher in the art of developing our personal stories to impact the lives of others. In the process, we stand to gain much insight and growth in our own journey. We also gain better relationships that help us over the long haul.

Read more about Seth Godin’s perspective on Growth Farming in this free Ebook.