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What we plant in our hearts and minds creates life that we produce. Think about that for a second.

What we produce in our lives is the product of the things we tell ourselves in our minds and our hearts. Our stories, the stories we hear from others, and what is planted in us becomes the garden we live in. It’s like self-help master Wayne Dyer says, “What you focus on expands (grows).” The art of having personal fulfillment, success, inner peace, healthy relationships, more income, and satisfaction has everything to do with what you are cultivating inside of you.

This method and practice is what D Grant Smith, personal success coach & author, calls Growth Farming.

growth farming success workshop d grant smith small business nonprofit organizational cultureD Grant has over 16 years of experience in Music and Radio, Entrepreneurship, & Nonprofits and is passionate about connecting with people to help you connect more with your circles.

The Growth Farming platform helps develop supportive and collaborative relationships for people in all walks of life. It applies to both your personal development and business success.  This site is about connecting you with the tools, resources, and community to help you achieve both personal and professional success. Because your personal development and growth has everything to do with how successful you are in every area of your life. Especially in the realm of business and your relationships.

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